New World Solar Energy offers a full array of residential services including solar hot water heating, solar electric systems and solar pool heating.  In these economic times, most people cannot afford to spend huge amounts of money renting electricity and are turning to solar energy to power their homes. People see that they do not need to rely on their local power companies to get energy, as there are many options to having your own electric company - with no money out of your existing budget. A residential Solar Energy System will create energy from the Sun that will generate energy for your home, and save you an incredible amount of money for years to come.




Going Solar is one of the best investments for your business, converting high-energy costs into a low, predictable expense. Solar is a savvy investment that can protect your business from utility rate increases and provide significant annual returns With a New World Solar, commercial system; customers enjoy considerable financial benefits with their Solar investment. The combination of state and Federal Solar energy tax credits help to generate immediate positive cash flow.

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