By going solar you'll greatly reduce your utility bills, gain energy independence, help create a healthier environment, and a brighter future. It's simple to do, and it pays for itself. Turn your home into a producer of clean, renewable solar energy. You'll become part of the solution and you'll gain independence from rising utility costs. Whether you choose a photovoltaic or thermal system - or both, you'll enjoy powerful renewable energy and lower utility bills for years to come.


Save Money


Why rent electricity? From your home to your car, smart investments for the future have a return on investment - a payoff. Utility costs are never ending and keep rising. Solar is the best investment - the payoff is typically 4-8 years and then you own your own power source! From a financial standpoint there has never been a better time to "Go Solar." Federal tax credits, local rebates and other incentives can cover 30% or more of the cost of the system. The savings from a Solar System can provide a "no out of budget cost," making Solar the obvious intelligent financial investment. A Solar System saves money and generates energy for you and your family for years to come.





















America's Energy Independence


Join the thousands of American's who are leading the way in getting their energy right here in the USA. Solar is free, clean, and readily accessible AND we don't need to import it! Solar energy has added thousands of jobs and is helping to grow the economy more and more every year. Make your world Make your world brighter with Solar - and

Helping The Planet


Our independence on fossil fuels has led to sky-high energy prices and serious problems for our planet. But with a New World Solar System we make it easy to tackle rising utility rates and worsening pollution problems with our high efficiency Solar Systems that power your home using clean, renewable energy from the Sun. A typical Solar energy system offsets many of the leading that power your home using clean, renewable energy from the Sun. A typical Solar energy system offsets many of the leading of global pollution. Going Solar gives you the peace of mind of knowing you're doing your part to make our environment cleaner and healthier for you and your family, and future generations. Consider the energy solution!

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and help make America stronger and less independent

on foreign energy sources that are hurting the planet.

Why Rent Electricity?

  • Solar - The Smart Investment with a ROI

  • Own YOUR own Power Company!

  • Increase Your Home's Value

  • Protect Yourself From Rising Utility Costs

Orlando solar energy | solar energy saves money